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Reliant Trikes

Bike Image Description
1971 Reliant Trike 1971 Reliant Trike  
1984 Reliant-based Trike Reliant-based Trike  
1987 Reliant Trike 1987 Reliant Trike 1987 Single seat Reliant Rialto Trike. The trike has an 850cc engine with electronic ignition.The exhaust has been shortened and heat sprayed in black. New Zenith carb with manual choke and chrome air filter.The fuel tank is a 2 gallon Yamaha unit with locking cap and new petrol tap. Front end complete is a Honda CJ250T with 3.60H18 tyre on black spoked rim. Topped with new black chrome 12" hangers and grips. Headlights are new twin chrome units. Seat is a new short back support tractor unit with front hinges. Electric box is under the seat and contains all new relays, fuse box, etc. Axle is the original refurbished drive train from donor car. Propshaft has been shortened to 9", well sexy. Wheels are new BSA 7" x 14" shod with new 195 x 50 x 14 tyres.

1980 Reliant Trike Reliant Trike Rialto Axle, 848cc. Billet alloy top and bottom yokes fitted to XS1100 front forks.
Custom Reliant Trike Custom Reliant Trike  
Reliant Lowrider Trike Reliant Lowrider Trike  
1986 Reliant Trike Reliant Trike 1275cc, 60bhp. 1275cc automatic metropower reliant trike, this trike is registerd as a 1986 reliant. The front end is all metro, the sub frame, suspention and steering. The back end, which is 3 quarter reliant is welded to it and oviously the rear wheel is locked. 
1982 Reliant Rialto Trike 1982 Reliant Rialto Trike

Front end was a gs 850 with fully customised 40mm thick slab yokes,stainless pullback custom handlebars,refurbed brake calipers with goodridge hoses throughout.

mainframe is all 3mm box tube for superb strength,shotblasted and then matt black powder coat finish.

Tank , mudguards and electric box all professionally painted with a 9 coloured airbrushed flame triple coated laquoered finish.

many other extras include,custom built forward controls,full new electric system including the ignition,new diff seals,new brakes,tensioner and caliper,new wheel bearings,new 14"alloys and tyres.

1986 Reliant Trike 1986 Reliant Trike Bull Warrior Trike.
1977 BMW R75 Trike 1977 BMW R75 Trike  
1980 Reliant Trike 1980 Reliant Trike  
1983 Custom Reliant Trike 1983 Custom Reliant Trike 2800cc Ford engine.
1983 Reliant Trike 1983 Reliant Trike  
Reliant Trike Reliant Trike  
Reliant/Alfa V6 2.5 Auto Trike Reliant/Alfa V6 2.5 Auto Trike  
850cc Reliant Trike 850cc Reliant Trike
The engine and running gear came from a reliant renalto 850cc the frame is made from 2"+1" box using a mini backend for the seats and also the fule tank it has 15" aloys and it is the same lenth as the reliant .
1989 Reliant Trike 1989 Reliant Trike 848cc.
1978 350 Reliant Trike - 40 Bhp, 885cc 1978 350 Reliant Trike
  • Custom tubular frame 3mm thickness
  • Luggage rack to rear
  • Custom alloy wheels 15"
  • Stainless steel mudguards so will not rotSkull rear lightsSkull chromed mirrors (imported from USA)Chrome cherry bomb exhaust
  • Twin disc Kawasaki Brembo front end
  • Black leather Custom upholstery
  • Seat Belts fitted3 Seater