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2012 Vespa "Vie Della Moda" Special Edition

2012 Vespa "Vie Della Moda" Special Edition

Vespa, the emblem of style, fashion and distinction, dedicates an exclusive collection of unique pieces to the most famous and glamorous fashion runways: Vespa GTV and Vespa LXV, the most prestigious vehicles in the range. New models which for 2012 dress up in the elegant "Marrone Etna" colour which enhances the timeless lines.

Vespa GTV and Vespa LXV "Vie della Moda" stand out for refinement: In their forms and functions, these new versions reinterpret the hallmark elements of 1950's and 60's style.

Powered by an ultra-modern and powerful 300 cc liquid cooled 4-stroke 4 valve engine or a scintillating 125 cc, 4-stroke powerplant - both of which with electronic injection and Euro3 compliant - the Vespa GTV and Vespa LXV "Vie della Moda" offer unrivalled flexibility and responsiveness thanks to the use of fuel injection, which also significantly curbs fuel consumption and both gas and sound emissions.

The "Vie della Moda" badge, inspired by the most famous street signs in the world's glamour capitals, identifies the most elegant Vespas of all and, emblazoned on the shield back plate, instantly highlights the uniqueness of these alluring models.

VESPA GTV "Vie della Moda"

The headlight mounted on the front mudguard of the GTV is a clear reference to the origins of the Vespa. And so is the handlebar, the simple exposed metal tube of the earliest Vespas that now reappears on the Vespa GTV "Vie della Moda", and echoes the trend seen in today's motorcycles.

The two-seat saddle in eco-leather is elegant and comfortable, and as on the original Vespas, is split into two separate elements, while the precision crafted piping emphasises its silhouette. The particular colouring of the saddle is realised with elegant covering colour-coded with the vehicle in the refined "Marrone Etna", the exclusive colour of the Vespa GTV "Vie della Moda". The chrome finished, five spoke wheels further enhance one of the most elegant Vespas of all times.

VESPA LXV "Vie della Moda"

Offered in exclusive "Marrone Etna", the Vespa LXV 125 "Vie della Moda" is the baby vintage in the Vespa range treated, just as its bigger sibling, the GTV, to all the improvements and styling touches of pure 1960s style designed for this special series. These are precious details which make the Vespa LXV worthy heir to a unique history of elegance and refinement.

The headlight assembly highlights the exposed handlebar and lightens the aesthetics of the entire front end of the vehicle. The distinctive instrumentation of the vintage Vespa versions consists of an analogue dial encircled by a chrome bezel, with graphics echoing the style in vogue in the 1960s. The saddle, colour-coded with the vehicle and a two-seater, is made in eco-leather. The wheels, in the exclusive silver colour, convey a further touch of elegance to the vehicle.