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2012 Vespa Touring Special Edition

2012 Vespa Touring Special Edition

Style and comfort in timeless lines: the Vespa Touring versions are inspired by the legend of touring on a Vespa.

The Touring Special Edition, available for the mighty Vespa GTS as well as for the svelte Vespa LX, draws inspiration from the thousands of specially equipped Vespas for touring that have taken entire generations on road trips all over the world. This is a range dedicated to the love for touring, with a proper mix between unmistakeable Vespa style and the practicality of a vehicle which can leave the city limits behind and set out on medium range touring.

The “Touring” badge proudly flaunted on the shield back plate alongside the glove box identifies the new Special Edition and accentuates the sophistication and elegance of the Vespa LX and Vespa GTS.

Vespa GTS Touring 300, in the elegant “Marrone Terra di Toscana” colouring, presents itself as the Vespa for medium range touring thanks to its state of the art single cylinder 300 cc electronic injection engine which is characterised by a power of 22 HP and its high level of torque (22.3 Nm) reached at low rpms. On the road, these numbers translate into great flexibility and low speed pick-up that are always able to guarantee silky smooth and easy riding.

The GTS Touring's single cylinder engine is extremely environmentally friendly, fully complying with the strictest emissions regulations thanks to the catalytic converter system and the advanced SAS secondary air system in addition to the state of the art global design.

The finishings of the Touring Special Edition are designed to enhance the Vespa line: the standard chrome finish luggage racks on the front and back ends, increase the load capacity of the vehicle quite considerably; the rounded transparent headlight fairing embraces the Vespa's eye with a touch of style and increased protection for the rider. The new saddle with new design thermobonding complements the vehicle thanks to colour-coding with the body colour.

A design element which further enhances the refined style of this Vespa is the colouring of the side plastic panels which embrace the lower part of the vehicle, colour-coded with the bodyshell in Marrone Terra di Toscana.

Vespa LX Touring comes equipped with 50 2-stroke and 4-stroke, 125 and 150 cc 4-stroke engines (all approved in accordance with the strictest emissions standards) in order to offer brilliance and agility in every day city travel, as well as allowing quick and safe trips. Dedicated to those who love freedom and want to escape the city commute, the Vespa LX Touring is also dressed in the exclusive Marrone Terra di Toscana colour and comes equipped standard with the convenient side stand which allows quick stops with minimum effort. The new, enriched saddle with matching thermobonding and colouring gives the vehicle a further touch of elegance. The Vespa LX Touring also comes standard with chromium plated front and rear luggage racks.