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2012 Piaggio Liberty 50 "Teens"

2012 Piaggio Liberty 50 "Teens"

Lightweight, brilliant, ecological, youthful. The Liberty “Teens” arrives on the market, the more cheeky version of Piaggio's great success, a scooter in blue jeans.

With over half a million units sold, the Piaggio Liberty, best seller and leading player in the highly successful lightweight high wheel scooter phenomenon, has always been a huge hit with the public.

For the year 2011, Liberty 50, the more lightweight version which is so popular among teens, comes out with a completely revised style dedicated to its younger users: the Liberty “Teens” is born.

Liberty “Teens” was conceived for young people who are sensitive to new urban trends and who are stimulated by the desire to set themselves apart.

The younger Liberty has always been characterised by the chromatic contrast drawn from the bright pastel white of the bodywork and the elegant blue that graces the leg shield back plate, air deflectors, footrest and rear bumpers. Even the saddle is coloured in blue and stands out because of the finish inspired by denim fabric, with the prominently displayed, screen-printed Piaggio logo which winks with a decidedly "jeans" look, the most popular garment in the world among young people.

In fact, Liberty “Teens” is intended not only as a safe, agile and reliable scooter – characteristics which are common to the entire Liberty family – but as an integral part of the rider's look, a choice in style also emphasised by the graphics on the shield and the sides which match the typical styles of the younger riders' clothing..

Liberty “Teens” is powered by responsive and ecological 50 cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.