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2012 Husqvarna WR125

2012 Husqvarna WR125

HUSQVARNA WR 125 - The pleasure of rediscovering lightweight enduro

For the younger rider, a bike that has everything - performance and handling – the result of infinite tests and trials over the course of its career, often making it the standard of reference for the 125 cc class. This bike is the natural choice to rediscover lightweight enduro with the unmistakable high rev sound of the WR125. Plus the advantage of having the most affordable price in the Husqvarna enduro racing range.

Thoroughly revamped in 2011 with a new chassis the same as the motocross version, the latest model shows off the styling of the new 2012 range. The new all black chassis has been modified at the steering-head with 25CrMo4 chrome-moly steel plates to improve strength and rigidity. The chassis aesthetics reflect the improvements made to this models mechanics and easy handling.

The bike also has the new 2012 graphics and the same anodized silver Excel rims as the higher cc versions. The standard issue is fitted with handguards and control panel with digital display.

Better engine protection

They say "don't change a winning formula", and the compact single cylinder engine with exhaust valve, crank-case V-Force intake, Mikuni TMX38 carburettor, and the new exhaust (introduced in 2011), has been so successful that the combination remains unchanged for the 2012 version. The design team focused on reliability and the new WR125 now has protection for the lower filter box.

Kayaba forks and brakes

The new WR125 retains the quality fittings from the previous model, such as Kayaba 48 mm forks with external adjustment for both compression and rebound damping, Sachs rear monoshock with progressive linkage and Brembo brakes with daisy wheel discs. All have proved their worth and needed no modification.