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2012 Husqvarna TE630

2012 Husqvarna TE630

The Husqvarna TE 630 is a new addition to the Dual Purpose Husqvarna range and is launched into a particularly interesting segment of the motorcycle market; 600 cc single-cylinder four-stroke on/off-road bikes.

Based on the new SM 630, the Husqvarna TE 630 benefits from having many parts in common with the smaller capacity racing four stroke Enduro Husqvarna models. The new machine sits in the range alongside the proven WRE 125 and these two bikes are the only models by the manufacturer who has won the title of off-road champion 78 times, to sit neatly in the dual purpose sector: bikes that will take you anywhere.

With the new TE 630, Husqvarna intends to broaden the appeal of the range to include those less competition-minded riders who use their bikes every day and need more comfort and practicality but want to combine this with the thrill of owning a race bike.

Combining the look and character of a racing bike with performance perfect for daily use on or off-road, the new TE 630 is perfect for those riders who want a bike with muscle but also class. It is without any doubt the best example of how a racing off-roader can be transformed into a roadgoing machine.

The new Husqvarna TE happily took up the challenge of racing and in the last Italian Championship Motorally and Marathon Raid it just won in the "Marathon" category for production bikes, the category Husqvarna dominated also in 2009.

The superlative engine is highly tractable even at low to medium revs thanks to its 600 cc capacity achieved by increasing the bore from 98 mm to 100 mm. The DOHC head with a red painted rocker cover like those on our racing bikes is inherited from the Husqvarna competition 450/510 engine and this permits a 20% increase in power over the earlier 576 cc version.

The TE 630 has an electronic fuel injection system developed in collaboration with Mikuni. The engine features a 45 mm throttle body with the fast idle control on the handlebars and there is now a 300 Kpa Mitsubishi "twin jet" fuel injector fitted to the throttle. The pressure regulator (3 Bar) regulates any return of excess fuel to the tank and the MAQS (Modularised Air Quantity Sensor) consists of air temperature, mapping and TPS (Throttle Position) sensors.

The Kokusan 360W three-phase ignition flywheel is also new.

The water temperature sensor is on the cylinder head: the injection system unit processes the signal from the sensor and controls the operation of the cooling fan on the right water radiator according to engine temperature. The bike has a completely new cooling system with a new impeller and water pump body.

The clutch is now controlled hydraulically and the left engine case has been redesigned.

New components include a petrol tank with a 40l/h pump and a capacity of 12 l; the non-return fuel circuit has quick-fit connections for ease of removal.

The exhaust system on the four-stroke single cylinder engine has a "closed loop" lambda probe and twin aluminium exhaust silencers. The catalyser has been redesigned and optimised to easily meet Euro 3 requirements. The silencers, which also play an important role aesthetically, giving the bike an aggressive look, are covered with stainless steel guards in the catalyser and passenger foot peg area.

The suspension system consists of 45mm Marzocchi forks with rebound damping adjustment mated with a Sachs rear shock absorber.

The 2011 version of the TE 630 will have Magura tapered handlebars with new steering head clamps and no cross bar.