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2012 Husqvarna TC250

2012 Husqvarna TC250

Husqvarna TC250: Developed at world championship level

The return of Husqvarna to the MX World Championship has already produced its first results. The experience gained at the World MX2 Championship has now been incorporated into the new Husqvarna 2012 TC250. The collaboration between the factory R&D technicians and the Ricci Racing team led to the development of important updates, which bring the TC250 to the top of its category, such as updates to the engine, a real jewel at only 22 kg! and the mechanical design. All of the modifications will be immediately appreciated by riders at every level and experience.

More rigid frame, Kayaba shock

The steel frame is made of tubing with a variety of cross sections, strengthened and made more rigid with new plates (chrome-moly 25CrMo4 steel) at the steering-head. Stability and manoeuvrability are noticeably improved by the new monoshock, now a Kayaba, with externally adjustable damping (high/low speed compression and rebound). The fork is also Kayaba (leg diameter 48 mm) and the preload has been changed to a firmer setting. The 2012 new version TC250 has also had an aesthetic makeover, with anodised silver rims and the frame is now black with InMould graphics, integrated into the plastic and absolutely resistant to washing.

Engine: new cylinder head

The Husqvarna 250 cc four-stroke engine is a very modern design and remains the most compact and lightest in its category. But when you want to provide the best, you can never rest on your laurels. So Husqvarna engineers radically redesigned the layout and changed numerous components. The improved performance of the new TC250 engine is the fruit of these radical changes. First of all the twin cam valve train was completely redesigned. With four totally new titanium valves and a different piston, the increase in power and torque is considerable, so more horsepower reaches the wheels.

The injection has also been completely changed (now Keihin, with 46 mm throttle body), the electronic ignition is Kokusan, and the exhaust is also new. It comes fitted with ‘Power Bomb’ on the manifold with the silencer from the specialists, Akrapovic.