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2012 Husqvarna SMR511



Husqvarna has always been the star of the supermotard world. Husqvarna's numerous successes in this sport are accompanied by the commercial success obtained with innovative products and with a complete range of bikes from 50cc to 630cc.

The design of the new SMR 449/511 range outstrips that of other supermotard models and stands out immediately for its looks, exclusive layout and cutting-edge technology.



The line is completely revolutionary: slim, svelte and refined. The single piece side panel runs from where traditionally the fuel tank would be, all the way back to the rear mudguard, allowing the rider free and unhindered movement. There is no chance of snagging boots or jeans on the edges of the panels with this design.

Besides the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects, the new design also makes maintenance easier as the air filter, rear shock and throttle body can all be accessed with ease. The long seat, which runs from the rear mudguard to the steering head, offers completely free longitudinal movement and has been modified compared to the Enduro version to improve rider comfort on longer journeys.

Aesthetics, technology and serviceability too: the graphics on the side panels are applied using the
‘In Mould Design’ technology for increased resistance to wear and the 2.5 litre fuel pump housing
is transparent so that the remaining fuel level can be easily monitored.


The idea behind the SMR 449/511 range is ‘mass centralisation’ – to keep the weight of the bike concentrated as close as possible to the centre of gravity and to design a chassis which adapts
perfectly to the demands of use on the road and in the racing environment. The crux of this concept is the union of the rear wheel swing arm pivot point and the gearbox output shaft sprocket. This solution, which Husqvarna calls CTS (Coaxial Traction System), eliminates the variation in the length of the chain during rear suspension movement, minimising the effect of the final drive on the bikes handling.

CTS also means Control, Traction and Stability, 3 fundamental features for a Supermotard bike that requires correct control and stability in all track conditions and optimal traction to fully exploit the bike's excellent acceleration.

The chassis layout allows the modern DOHC engine to be mounted closer to the centre of the bike, whilst tilting the cylinder further forward allows a long and straight air intake path at the same time as keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible. This has also meant that the throttle body and fuel injector nozzle can be mounted in the ideal position.

Again, continuing the theme of mass centralisation, the two part fuel tank design provides a total of 8.5 litres capacity in a low mounted 2.5 litre pump housing and a 6 litre under seat main tank.

The under seat fuel tank layout permits the air box to be located in a protected and fluidodynamically favourable position above the engine with the actual air intake being at the height of the steering column, in a raised and sheltered position to minimise the intake of dust or water.

The air filter box has an elongated intake manifold and a newly designed air intake to provide greater breathability for the sponge filter, which is easily removed thanks to a hinge system in the air box.

The battery is located adjacent to the under seat main fuel tank to again centralise the mass.


The SMR 449/511 bikes are equipped with a cutting-edge 4 valve dual camshaft engine which has been significantly improved thanks to the experience gained by Husqvarna in its many years of Supermotard racing.

Fuel delivery is managed by an electronic injection system with a Keihin 46 mm diameter, double flap throttle body which provides progressive and predictable throttle response.

The secondary gearing has been tailored to suit the intended on road application of the bike and the fuel/ignition mapping has been optimised for performance and controllability in both capacity versions.

The SMR511 version has been achieved thanks to the increased cylinder bore of 101mm compared to the 98mm of the 449. The stroke remains the same on both models at 59.6mm, giving the 511 an effective displacement of 480cc.

The clutch is controlled hydraulically, offering smoother and more gradual release with greater control also under stress.

The motorcycle has a high energy electronic ignition and, thanks to the powerful battery and fuel injector system, a supplementary kick start is not necessary.


Naturally, Husqvarna's long experience in Motard racing has played an important part in the development of the new motorcycles. The challenges posed by the conception of geometry and by the general concept of the motorcycle itself were linked to the tough demands of riding in the most severe and extreme conditions such as sharp changes in direction, tight bends and winding mountain roads. The result is a surprisingly effortless and smooth ride along with agility and outstanding steering stability.

The chassis is perimetrical made of high strength steel tubing. The geometry of the rear suspension is revolutionary, with a new linkage mounted on the upper side of the aluminium alloy swing arm.

This solution offers many advantages: it increases the ground clearance, improves general reliability thanks to the reduced exposure of the link and makes maintenance easier.

But there's more: dynamically, by exploiting the advantages of the double cradle frame made in high strength steel tubing, the roughness of the ground is absorbed more gradually, attenuating the stresses on the rider.

The advantages when jumping are also remarkable with the recoil effect of the rear wheel being significantly reduced and the smoothness of the suspension is particularly perceivable on rougher and more difficult ground.

All this offers great manoeuvrability and ease of driving with a record-setting total weight for a single cylinder Supermotard: the SMR 449/511 weighs just 118 on the kerb, without fuel.


A real refinement in the field of chassis design and exclusive to the SM 449/511 range is the CTS, the Coaxial Traction System. The solution, which originally used a single swing arm pivot spindle, now has two independent semi spindles which reduce the stress on the swing arm and facilitate the replacement of the gearbox sprocket.

The advantages of the CTS system compared to the traditional systems are huge. During the suspension movement along the whole stroke, the chain is not subject to any change in length.

The tension of the chain remains constant regardless of the swing arm position, while the chain and sprockets benefit from reduced wear. An important positive effect on the riding characteristics is the marked reduction of the impact of alternating the load on the transmission.

This aspect has been studied by a spin-off company of the University of Padova called Dynamotion which has proved that the CTS improves traction in the various stages of acceleration and consequently during also the vertical movements of the suspension on rough terrain.

The result is better traction during acceleration and surer, more confident gear changes. More in general, the values obtained by adopting the CTS have a much more uniform trend in all conditions, leading to improved ridability and stability of the motorcycle.


The new SMRs are equipped with the most advanced components in the Off Road sector.

The front brake comes from Brembo with hydraulic control, floating radial calliper with Racing origin with four pistons and 320 mm Braking ‘wavy disks while at the rear there is a floating calliper which works on a Braking 240mm ‘wavy’ disk.

The front suspension consists of Marzocchi 50mm USD forks, providing 250mm of travel and are adjustable for compression and rebound damping. The rear shock-absorber is a new Sachs, adjustable for pre load as well as rebound and compression damping. The useable travel of the rear wheel is 290 mm.

The tapered handlebars without cross bar, compact and efficient instrumentation, shockproof plastic engine protection and chassis protection, rear mudguard with incorporated racing number plate and LED rear light and short front mudguard complete the fittings.

The wide range of accessory parts available are the best combination of lightness, resistance, performance and allow Husqvarna fans to personalize their bikes and offer them the ingredients for racing success.