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2012 Husqvarna CR125

2012 Husqvarna CR125

Husqvarna CR125: 2 stroke sound and weight

Ever since Chicco Chiodi's double world champion win, Husqvarna has continually refined the CR125. The new model comes from a long and noble tradition, the result of amazing victories and attention to the needs of young riders. This tried and tested, reliable bike is not only competitive on the track but also in the showroom, with a price that is highly accessible for a bike that has it all - a powerful engine, a frame that is easy to handle, rear suspension linkage and top class branded components for suspension and brakes.

Reinforced chassis

The semi-perimeter frame on the new CR125 is black chrome-molybdenum steel tubing, a distinctive feature of the 2012 range, together with the Excel anodised silver rims. Most importantly, the frame now has reinforcement plates at the steering-head area. The frame is famous for its ease of handling, fitted with 48 mm Kayaba fork, hydraulically adjustable for both rebound and compression damping. So too is the Sachs monoshock in the rear, fitted to the frame with the mechanical progression linkage much favoured by Husqvarna.

Other changes to the 2012 CR125 include redesigned graphics, still using InMould technology: an effective solution to prevent wear and tear under high pressure washes.
The brakes are the best possible mix: Brembo pistons and floating calipers, with large diameter daisy wheel discs (front 260 mm).

Modern engine

The single cylinder two-stroke engine on the Husqvarna 2012 CR125 has been updated with the best components available - Mikuni TMX38 carburettor, V-Force reed valve, the same resilient clutch bell-housing as the 4-stroke TC250, ultra-light exhaust and silencer, 6-speed gearbox and now better protection of the filter box underside.

And when you start the engine, the sound is the magnificent noise of a high-performance two-stroke.