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2012 Can-An Spyder RT Roadster

2012 Can-An Spyder RT RoadsterCan-An Spyder RT RoadsterCan-An Spyder RT Roadster

When it comes to adventurous travel, the perfect way to journey down the open-road is aboard the seat on the Can-Am Spyder RT roadster. This highly innovative and stylish touring threewheel roadster is made to explore. It confidentially and sophisticatedly revolutionizes travel by combining the open-air freedom of a motorcycle and the peace of mind of a luxury car. Whether it’s a solo getaway or a two-up touring vacation, the luxurious Can-Am Spyder RT roadster lineup supplies comfort, convenience and performance levels to make the trek that much more enjoyable.

For 2012, aside from the base Spyder RT roadster model, all Spyder RT roadster packages are also available in a new colour scheme. Quantum Blue Metallic (standard Spyder RT Techno and Spyder RT-S roadsters), Lava Bronze Metallic (Spyder RT Limited roadster) are new and join Pure Magnesium Metallic, Viper Red and Vegas Pearl White as available colour choices in the line-up. The Spyder RT-S roadster will wear exclusively the Dark Mist Gray coloured sixspoke front wheels to add to its edgier appearance. Finally, the Spyder RT Limited roadster package, introduced a year ago, gets a host of chrome accents and seat upgrade for an even more refined look.

The Can-Am Spyder RT line-up separates itself from the Spyder RS roadster models with its upright body positioning, luxury-car-inspired composition and distinct outer form. This distinguishing style creates a fit-and-finish that’s unique to the industry and attention grabbing.

Feature comforts include industry-leading Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), cruise control, 155 Litres (41-US gallon) of onboard storage, passenger-themed ergonomics, adjustable electric windshield, wind deflectors, heated grips, high-end saddle with integrated lumbar supports and much more.

All the Can-Am Spyder RT roadsters are delightful at cruising speeds, but their liquid-cooled 998cc Rotax V-Twin engine calibrated for touring has the necessary torque and performance.

Electronic fuel injection ensures instantaneous throttle response and improved fuel efficiency. The Rotax mill puts out 80 lb.-ft. of torque at just 5,000 rpm, so it is exceptional at handling the extra weight of fully loading the cargo holds, a passenger and even a pull-behind trailer.

A traditional 5-speed gearbox with foot shift and manual clutch (SM5) comes standard on the standard Spyder RT roadster and includes reverse. A semi-automatic, five-speed (including reverse) electronic transmission (SE5™) requires no clutching or manual shifts and is available on all the other Spyder RT roadster variations. Shifting is done via the left thumb and left forefinger.

The Can-Am Spyder RT roadster is available in four packages (standard Spyder RT, Spyder RT Techno, Spyder RT-S and Spyder RT Limited). The standard Spyder RT roadster is basis for each model, but then each package adds another level of technology and an enhanced level of sophistication. Add-ons include such items as a sound system with iPod‡ compatibility, AM/FM and (optional) satellite radio, push-button controls, adjustable rear air suspension, GPS navigation, LED lighting, exclusive colours and more.

Vital information: Can-Am Spyder RT Limited roadster


BRP has traditionally and successfully launched luxurious “limited” models in many segments of the Powersports market. For 2012, the Spyder RT Limited roadster is even more magnificent with its new exclusive upgrades.

The Spyder RT Limited roadster starts with a Spyder RT-S roadster platform and improves upon it with an integrated GPS system, two exclusive colours, four travel bags, travel cover, upscale chrome trims and a specially embroidered seat. However, with its Rotax V-Twin engine, proprietary SST chassis, precision handling and unmatched comfort, the Spyder RT Limited roadster is much more than just an elegant façade.

Added features over Spyder RT-S roadster

  • Handlebar-mounted Garmin‡ Zumo‡ 660 colour touchscreen GPS, integrated into vehicle electronics system and Bluetooth
  • New aluminium six-spoke chrome wheels
  • New chrome accents: Mirrors, exhaust tip and heat shield
  • 4 Semi-rigid travel bags for side, front and rear cargo compartments
  • Vegas Pearl White colour (returns for 2012) with black embroidered seat
  • New Lava Bronze Metallic colour with black embroidered seat
  • Travel cover

What's new for 2012?

  • New Lava Bronze Metallic colour scheme with embroidered black seat
  • New aluminium six-spoke chrome front wheels
  • New chrome accents: mirrors, heat shield and exhaust tip

Available colours:

  • Vegas Pearl White with black seat colour (incl. passenger backrest and driver lumbar rest support)
  • New Lava Bronze Metallic with black seat colour (incl. passenger backrest and driver lumbar rest support)
    Vegas Pearl White

Can-Am Spyder RT LTD roadster front cargo travel bag

Integrated Garmin GPS


Aluminium six-spoke front wheels with an attractive chrome finish.

Chrome accents:

Chrome was added to the exhaust tip, heat shield and mirrors to not only match the new chrome wheels, but also to enhance the Spyder RT Limited roadster premium fit-and-finish.

Available transmissions:

SE5 5-speed electronic semi-automatic with reverse.

From its electronically adjustable rear air-control suspension to its passenger accommodations and stellar fit-and-finish, the Can-Am Spyder RT-S roadster makes long journeys very enjoyable. This touring roadster received ventilation updates and important front suspension changes a year ago for an improved riding experience. It also gets a few updates for the 2012 model year. The Spyder RT-S roadster also has a new front wheel colouration to give it a more unique and impressive look. The Spyder RT-S roadster is available in three attractive colour schemes, including a new Quantum Blue Metallic colour. The highly attractive Viper Red and Pure Magnesium Metallic also return for 2012.

Added features over Spyder Techno roadster;

  • Aluminium six-spoke wheel with Dark Mist Gray coloration finish for an exclusive look
  • Electronically adjustable rear air suspension with auto levelling
  • Two additional rear speakers with independent passenger audio controls
  • Special-edition chrome trim
  • Fog lamps
  • 3.5 mm audio player input
  • Front cargo light and front liner

What's new for 2012?

  • New Quantum Blue Metallic
  • New Dark Mist Gray front wheel coloration

Available colours:

  • New Quantum Blue Metallic
  • Viper Red returns and is exclusive to the Spyder RT-S roadster
  • Pure Magnesium Metallic is also available for 2012.


Aluminium six-spoke front wheels feature new Dark-Mist Gray coloration exclusive to the Spyder RT-S roadster.

Available transmission:

SE5 5-speed electronic semi-automatic with reverse

Pure Magnesium Metallic Viper Red Quantum Blue Metallic

To make touring even more enjoyable, BRP engineers added a fully integrated audio system and other convenience features to create the Can-Am Spyder RT Techno roadster. The iPod compatible audio system lets you ride off into the sunset while listening to your favourite tunes, yet features an integrated speed-compensating volume to maintain the vehicle’s road etiquette.

Convenience items like heated passenger handgrips, push-button cargo release and a superbly plush seat all contribute to the Spyder RT Techno model’s deluxe surroundings.

Added features over Spyder RT roadster

  • AM/FM audio system with iPod‡ compatibility and handlebar controls
  • Speed-compensating volume
  • Heated passenger handgrips with intensity controls and lighted switch
  • Secondary gauges (fuel, engine temperature)
  • Electronic push-button front cargo release
  • Available semi-auto transmission (SE5)

What's new for 2012?

  • New colour choice: Quantum Blue Metallic
    Available colours
  • New Quantum Blue Metallic
  • Pure Magnesium Metallic returns for 2012
  • Dot-Matrix display:
  • New amber multi-function Dot-matrix display colouration for improved contrast at night

Available transmissions:

SM5 5-speed manual with reverse

SE5 5-speed electronic semi-automatic with reverse

The standard Can-Am Spyder RT roadster is more capable of short or long getaways thanks to the bevy of upgrades it received last year, including improved suspension, enhanced ventilation and other ergonomic refinements. With the model’s proven Rotax engine performance, innovative Y-architecture and unmatched handling, the Spyder RT roadster is the answer for those looking to escape and cruise in style.

Available transmissions:

5-speed manual (SM5) with reverse

Available colours:

Pure Magnesium Metallic

Key Spyder RT roadster Technologies

Chassis LCD display:


With its two-wheels up front and single rear wheel in the rear, the Can-Am Spyder RT roadster is defined by its Y-architecture. This configuration also provides the open-air feel of a motorcycle, but complements that feature with the stability reminiscent of a dialed-in sports car.

SST frame

Proven on the BRP Can-Am ATVs, the Surrounding Spar Technology frame, which is an exclusive technology to BRP and is designed to reduce weight while at the same time offering increased durability with less parts. This chassis also contributes to the Spyder RT roadster’s low centre of gravity and impressive handling.

Double A-Arm front suspension with anti-roll bar

The Double A-arm front suspension geometry, which includes dual shocks and more than 5.9 inches (150 mm) of suspension travel — was built to please with its precision handling and point-and-shoot dynamics. A standard anti-roll bar ensures optimal cornering while delivering a smooth and stable ride. The Spyder RT roadster model has a slightly wider track than the Spyder RS roadster model for improved stability and handling.

Rear Swing Arm with Shock

The single-rear wheel-and-tire set-up supplies superb traction and acceleration while the single shock absorber – with pneumatic adjustable preload – is more than capable of soaking up the road and providing a cushioned ride.

Electronically Adjusted Rear Suspension

Onboard controls located in the console allow the driver to pneumatically adjust the rear air suspension preload to optimise ride quality for varying passenger and cargo configurations. [Standard on Spyder RT-S and Spyder RT Limited roadster only]

Dynamic Power Steering

DPS is an electronically controlled power steering system, which provides the rider with a varying assist when turning the handlebars. The amount of assistance varies with the speed of the vehicle to adjust the steering effort to a comfortable level.


Rotax 998CC engine

The Rotax 998cc engine in the Spyder RT is specifically calibrated to provide smooth-yetpowerful
performance for touring. Peak torque available at lower rpm 80 lb.-ft. of torque @ 5,000 rpm). The powerful Rotax engine has proven itself in motorcycle racing over the years and is as powerful as it is reliable. Electronic fuel injection means precise throttle response, crisp acceleration, reliable starting and improved fuel economy.

Belt Drive

The Spyder RT roadster features a final belt drive, as opposed to a chain or shaft drive design, which attaches to the rear sprocket. This set-up efficiently and smoothly transfers power to the ground and offers simple maintenance.

SM5 Transmission

The SM5 transmission features a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox with reverse with a traditional manual clutch and foot shifter.

SE5 Transmission

The semi-automatic transmission uses an electronic 5-speed gearbox with reverse that is controlled by the rider’s left thumb and forefinger. Shift up using the left thumb lever and then down shift using the left forefinger. The intelligent system also automatically downshifts when needed


The easy-to-use reverse mechanism features a push-button design and improves manoeuvring in tight areas.

Vehicle stability system

VSS, developed in partnership with Bosch, incorporates proven technologies borrowed from the automotive industry and combines those with the Y architecture to create unmatched control during adverse situations. The engineers behind this system seamlessly integrated Stability Control, Traction Control and an Anti-lock braking system and specifically calibrated VSS for use in the Can-Am Spyder roadster and its three-wheel configuration. The Vehicle Stability System provides peace of mind for an incredibly confident ride.

The VSS also earned the 2010 Automotive News PACE awards for innovation partnership.

Stability Control System

This system relates the Can-Am roadster’s intended direction, using inputs for handlebar and throttle positioning and the vehicle’s actual direction and then acts seamlessly and immediately to correct the situation. If they are not the same, the system reduces engine rpm and/or individually slows (actively brakes) the wheels to correct the course.

Anti-Lock Braking System

ABS not only helps to maintain the vehicle’s manoeuvrability during aggressive braking situations, but it also gives the Can-Am roadster a shorter stopping distance than most automobiles. The system uses integrated wheel sensors to determine if a wheel is at risk of locking under braking. To keep manoeuvrability optimal, the system seamlessly and rapidly engages and disengages (or pulses) the brake to allow the driver to steer in the intended direction.

Traction Control System

If the rear wheel loses traction, the TCS will sense it and instantaneously reduces engine rpm until sufficient grip returns.


Key to the Spyder RT touring roadster experience; a gratifyingly comfortable experience

Electric Start

Reliable, push-button starting ensures a quick getaway.

Electric Adjustable Windshield

The windshield on the Spyder RT roadsters easily adjusts in height with the press of a button.

Ultra Comfort Touring Saddle

Ergonomically designed, the first-class seat includes a passenger backrest and driver lumbar support.

Multi-Function Gauge Display

The gauge display includes a digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, gear position, temperature, engine lights, electronic fuel gauge and clock.

Onboard Storage

When riding long distances, it’s reassuring to know the Spyder RT roadster has 155 L. (41 USgallon) of storage standard. Storage areas include a lockable front trunk, lockable glove box and both side and rear compartments.

D.E.S.S.Security System

BRP engineers added an extra level of security with the proven Digital Encoded Security System. This system requires the properly coded electronic key in order to operate the roadster.

Passenger Comfort Items

Passenger-controlled heated handgrips offer two intensity levels and add an extra level of comfort in cooler temperatures. Integrated armrests and manually adjustable floorboards provide a more comfortable perch for the rear rider.

Cruise Control

Electronic cruise control adds another layer of luxury and makes longer rides more comfortable for the driver.

Note: Some models, accessories, equipment or riding gear depicted may not be available (or homologated) in your country. EC homologated models may slightly differ from models depicted herein. Please contact your BRP dealer for more information.