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2012 Can-An Spyder RS Roadster

2012 Can-An Spyder RS Roadster

The Can-Am Spyder RS line-up represents the machine riders who have a passion for sporty adventure, and the eagerness to go forth and conquer the open-road around the country or just around the block. From its performance-oriented, three-wheel, open-air configuration to its cutting-edge design and sporty stance, the Spyder RS roadster from BRP is a legitimate head turner, even when standing still. However, this innovative vehicle, which is purpose-built with a performance attitude, crisp acceleration and the intrinsic ability to
tame turns. It looks; rides and performs unlike anything in the Powersports industry and that’s perfect.

This year, the Can-Am Spyder RS-S roadster gets even more sport performance thanks to a front-end that is updated with Fox‡ Racing Shox‡ front suspension. These shocks feature improved compression and rebound damping performance and a threaded pre-load adjuster.

The Spyder RS-S roadster also comes in two new, eye-catching colours: Neutron Green Metallic / Matte Black and Can-Am Red / Matte Black.

All Can-Am Spyder RS roadsters are loaded with charisma thanks to its proven Rotax 998cc V-twin engine. The powerplant, which has great torque and shortens roads with a twist of the throttle, is mated to the two available five-speed transmissions. The electronic five-speed (plus reverse) SE5™ transmission, which is controlled by the left hand (thumb and forefinger) and requires no clutching, is optional. A standard SM5 (manual) five-speed transmission also includes reverse.

The Can-Am Spyder RS roadster models all feature an innovative and stable architecture from BRP. Two forward wheels and a double A-arm design are up front and a swing arm with a mono shock and a single rear wheel drives the machine. The Spyder RS roadster is also outfitted with the Vehicle Stability System (VSS), a system developed in partnership with Bosch. Combine the Y-configuration, VSS with proven automotive-derived technologies such as anti-lock braking, traction and stability control and the Can-Am Spyder roadster line offers confidence-inspiring handling and control, as well as a ride that’s as unique as it is

2012 Can-Am Roadster Press Kit: Spyder RS Roadster Backgrounder - What's new for 2012

Steel Black Metallic


Steel Black Metallic
Pearl White Metallic (returning from last season)
Steel Black Metallic Pearl White Metallic


The Spyder RS roadster is eye-catching and more than capable of making a sporty impression, however, the Spyder RS-S takes performance and styling to the next level. From its dual-spoke front wheels, contrast-stitched seat, carbon-black aluminium parts, painted front spoiler and A-arm covers, and exclusive graphics the Spyder RS-S roadster is dressed for success on the open-road.

The Spyder RS-S roadster is available with either the SM5 or SE5 transmission with reverse.

What's new for 2012?

New gas-charged Fox‡ Racing Shox‡ front suspension with threaded pre-load adjustment
Two new striking-and-bold colour choices — Neutron Green Metallic/Matte Black and

Can-Am Red/Matte Black.

New DPS calibration: revised Spyder RS-S spec assist mapping


The new gas-charged, anodized-aluminium Fox‡ Racing Shox‡ front shocks on the Spyder RS-S roadster models are adjustable for preload and have improved compression and rebound damping. The shocks, which provide a 33% weight reduction per shock on the stock Spyder RS roadster shocks, wear carbon-black coloured springs.

DPS (Dynamic Power Steering)

The Spyder RS-S spec assist mapping has been revised to increase steering feedback to the driver (better tire grip feel), delivering a sportier steering feeling.


Neutron Green Metallic / Matte Black Colour

Can-Am Red / Matte Black Colour

Pure Magnesium Metallic/Steel Black Metallic (Carried over from 2011)

Key Spyder RS Roadster Technologies

Chassis: Y-Architecture

With its two-wheels up front and single rear wheel in the rear, the Can-Am Spyder RS roadster line-up is defined by its Y-architecture. This configuration also provides the open-air feel of a motorcycle, but complements that feature with the stability reminiscent of a dialledin sports car.

SST Frame

Proven on the BRP Can-Am ATVs, the Surrounding Spar Technology frame, which is an exclusive technology to BRP, is designed to reduce weight while at the same time offering increased durability with fewer parts. This chassis also contributes to the Spyder RS roadster’s low centre of gravity and impressive handling.

Double A-Arm Front Suspension with Anti-Roll Bar

The Double A-arm front suspension geometry, which includes dual shocks and more than 144 mm (5.7 inches) of suspension travel — was built to please with its precision handling point-and-shoot dynamics. A standard anti-roll ensures optimal cornering while delivering a smooth and stable ride.

Neutron Green Metallic / Matte Black

Pure Magnesium Metallic / Steel Black Metallic

Can-Am Red / Matte Black

Rear Swing Arm with Shock

The single-rear wheel-and-tire set-up supplies superb traction and acceleration while the single shock absorber is more than capable of soaking up the road and providing a cushioned ride.

Dynamic Power Steering

DPS is an electronically controlled power steering system, which provides the rider with a varying assist when turning the handlebars. The amount of assistance varies with the speed of the vehicle to adjust the steering effort to a comfortable level.


Rotax V-Twin Engine

The powerful Rotax 998 cc has proven itself in over the years and is as powerful as it is reliable. The 998cc V-Twin pumps out 106 hp at 8,500 rpm and 77 lb.-ft. of torque at 6,250 rpm, yet can go from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in only 4.5 seconds! Electronic fuel injection, with its multi-point design and huge 57mm (2.24-inch) throttle body, means improved fuel efficiency and instantaneous throttle response.

Belt Drive

The Spyder RS roadster features a final belt drive, as opposed to a chain or shaft drive design, which attaches to the rear sprocket. This set-up efficiently and smoothly transfers power to the ground and offers simple maintenance.

SM5 Transmission

The SM5 transmission features a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox with reverse with a traditional manual clutch and foot shifter.

SE5 Transmission

The semi-automatic transmission uses an electronic 5-speed gearbox with reverse that is controlled by the rider’s left thumb and forefinger. Shift up using the left thumb lever and then down shift using the left forefinger. The intelligent system also automatically downshifts when needed (the SE5 automatically downshift when falling below 2400 RPM).


The easy-to-use reverse mechanism features a push-button design and improves manoeuvring in tight areas.

Vehicle Stability System

VSS, developed in partnership with Bosch‡, incorporates proven technologies borrowed from the automotive industry and combines those with the Y-architecture to create unmatched control during adverse situations. The engineers behind this system seamlessly integrated Stability Control, Traction Control and an Anti-lock braking system and specifically calibrated VSS for use in the Can-Am roadster and its three-wheel configuration. The Vehicle Stability System provides peace of mind for an incredibly confident ride.

The VSS also earned the 2010 Automotive News PACE awards for innovation partnership.

Stability Control System

This system relates the Can-Am Spyder roadster intended direction, using inputs for handlebar and throttle positioning and the vehicle’s actual direction and then acts seamlessly and immediately to correct the situation. If they are not the same, the system reduces engine rpm and/or individually slows (actively brakes) the wheels to correct the course.

Anti-Lock Braking System

ABS not only helps to maintain the vehicle’s manoeuvrability during aggressive braking situations, but it also gives the Can-Am roadster a shorter stopping distance than most automobiles. The system uses integrated wheel sensors to determine if a wheel is at risk of locking under braking. To keep manoeuvrability optimal, the system seamlessly and rapidly engages and disengages (or pulses) the brake to allow the driver to steer in the intended direction.

Traction Control System

If the rear wheel loses traction, the TCS will sense it and instantaneously reduces engine rpm until sufficient grip returns.


With its sporty, yet comfortable stance and plenty of storage, it’s ready to hit the road for a trip around the block, or the country.

Electric Start

Reliable, push-button starting ensures a quick getaway.

Multi-Function Gauge Display

The gauge display includes a digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, gear position, temperature, engine lights, electronic fuel gauge and clock.

Onboard Storage

A sizeable 44 L (9.5-gallon) lockable storage compartment is located beneath the hood. It is large enough for a helmet or custom roller suitcase.

D.E.S.S. Security System

BRP engineers added an extra level of security with the proven Digital Encoded Security System. This system requires the properly coded electronic key in order to operate the roadster.

Can-Am, Spyder, Rotax, DPS, D.E.S.S., SST and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. † Bosch is a trademark of Robert Bosch GmbH. ‡ All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Note: Some models, accessories, equipment or riding gear depicted may not be available (or homologated) in your country. EC homologated models may slightly differ from models depicted herein. Please contact your BRP dealer for more information.