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BMW K 1600 GT named Bike magazine’s 2011 Bike of the Year

Bike’s accolade joins MCN’s ‘Tourer of the Year’ Award.

Bike magazine, the UK’s best-selling monthly motorcycle publication, has named the 2011 BMW K 1600 GT its Bike of the Year.

The K 1600 GT was the only touring bike in consideration for the magazine’s top award and saw off competition from sportsbikes and motorcycles from around the world.

Bike magazine said: “The K 1600 GT is completely exceptional. Nobody who has ridden BMW’s latest flagship tourer has come away feeling anything short of awe. The whooshing, surging kick and utter refinement of the glorious six-cylinder engine; the all-week comfort and storm-beating abilities of the adjustable riding position and fantastic fairing; the features, goodies and options that include electronically adjusted suspension, traction control, ABS, power modes, a headlight that looks round corners, sat nav, endless trip info, tyre pressure sensors, heated everything, music, cubby holes and luggage…

“But it’s the chassis that truly astounds. Yes, the 1600 is big, and it’s not what you’d call light, but the balance, control and agility are breathtaking. The steering makes changing direction on a R 1200 GS feel like hard work. It’s unprecedented. It took prolonged debate and heated discussion to draw up the rest of this list, but only one bike was ever in the running for the title.”

The K 1600 GT also took a prestigious MCN Award when it was named Tourer of the Year by Motorcycle News. Judged and presented by Motorcycle News, the UK’s biggest-selling motorcycle publication, the annual MCN Awards recognise technical innovations, outstanding motorcycles and sales success within the industry.

MCN said: “The only real question was ‘K 1600 GT or K 1600 GTL?’ The GT stole the prize for its sharper handling and lighter weight. The engine is silken and strong, the range is good and comfort is exceptional. It looks good, with loads of presence, and comes with every electronic aid you could wish for, many as standard.”

Adrian Roderick, BMW Motorrad General Manager, said: “For the new K 1600 GT to have received awards from the UK’s two biggest motorcycle publications is a very welcome confirmation that BMW Motorrad is producing industry leading products. MCN’s Award reaffirms BMW Motorrad’s position at the top of the touring sector and Bike’s Bike of the Year is a huge accolade which proves that investment and technological advancement is welcomed in all classes of motorcycle.”

Sales success

BMW Motorrad’s new six-cylinder tourers have been a significant sales success, with 268 of the new K 1600 GTs and 192 of the K 1600 GTLs sold in the UK since their launch – making up 22% of all touring motorcycle sales.

This success sees the two 1600cc machines take second and third place in the touring sales chart behind the boxer-engined R 1200 RT. As a result, BMW Motorrad now holds 48% of the UK touring sector.
The six-cylinder motorcycles have been a hit with both customers and the press alike. Media coverage has praised the class-leading handling and performance of these motorcycles as well as the sheer amount of cutting edge design and experience-enhancing technology integrated into the K 1600s.

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