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2012 Aprilia SR Motard

2012 Aprilia SR Motard

All the grit of Aprilia Motard on an every day scooter.

Aprilia SR Motard is the scooter that brings fun and sportiness into your daily commute.

Aprilia SR Motard is characterised by an aggressive, essential and compact style. Standing start acceleration, acceleration, pickup, agility in traffic and braking are the "weapons" of the Aprilia SR Motard, designed for the young rider, to come in first in the every day competition on the city streets.

Design: the Motard spirit in a sport scooter

The "fun" spirit of the Aprilia sport bike is without a doubt the spirit tied to the world of Supermotard bikes. Born as a street version of off-road bikes, Supermotards combined the enduro bikes' ease of riding with set-ups and performance for the asphalt. The new SR Motard brings the spirit of great Aprilia Supermotards such as Dorsoduro and SXV into the SR sport scooter family.

The design reflects the character of Aprilia SR Motard which, derived from the solid technical base of best seller, Typhoon, evolves toward a brilliant and fun ride. The decidedly sporty handlebar, the light unit included in the shield and above all the pronounced "beak" on the front wheel (reminiscent of the off-road world) characterise the front end. The flat footrest, in addition to ensuring convenient seating and riding comfort, improves the load capacity, thanks to the hook in the leg shield back plate. The large black 14" wheels with five doubled spokes show of a decisive and sporty design drawn from the Aprilia racing bikes. Sleek and spirited, the SR Motard rear end holds a large and comfortable saddle that bears the coloured graphics of the body on the sides, a refinement which enhances the liveliness of a vehicle born to make every city ride fun. The large helmet compartment can hold a flip up helmet Aprilia SR Motard is available in three colours: Black, White and Orange matte copper.

Technology: brilliant performance and easy to ride

With a choice of two modern, clean and eager engines, the SR Motard offers different solutions for exhilarating fun even when carving through the daily urban jungle. With an ideal torque curve, the 125 4-stroke version of the Aprilia SR Motard, dedicated to the over-16 rider, can even take medium range trips safely in its stride. The exuberant 50 cc 2-stroke engine is confirmed as the youngest and most nimble engine thanks to the features of lightness and brilliance.

The frame in steel tubing holds a sturdy upside down telescopic fork while the rear operates a dual action single hydraulic shock absorber linked to the transmission unit that works as a swingarm. The large 14" wheels are shod with sport street tyres. Braking safety is guaranteed by the 220 mm front disc backed up by the powerful 140 mm modulable rear drum.