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2011 Victory Motorcycles

Victory motorcycle accessories


Victory has a track record of consistently outstanding reliability and dependability, which has led to the industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings. This proven reliability, along with the new transmission design, allows Victory to recommend extended oil service intervals for 2011 drivetrains.

  • The recommended oil change interval for 2011 models is every 5,000 miles (8,000 km).
  • Less-frequent oil changes results in a lower cost of ownership.


The Victory drivetrain team scrutinized every component of the engine and transmission and fine-tuned the designs and performance of numerous parts. Approximately 40% of the drivetrain is new for 2011, with the transmission receiving so many improvements it is virtually a new transmission.

The changes: improved manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance; enhanced drivetrain’s already-impressive reliability; improved engine performance; and, for riders, improved ridability and delivered a more appealing-sounding transmission.

  • In terms of operating sound, selected modulation frequencies have been eliminated. This produces
    a more-appealing sound – consistently in each gear. In 4th and 6th gears in particular, gear whine
    has been reduced.
  • Driveline lash has been reduced by 66%.
  • “Neutral Assist” has been added to make it easier for a rider to shift into neutral when stopped. This
    will reduce the rider’s effort, will reduce clutch wear and will lessen the performance demands on the oil.


All cruisers now have instrumentation similar to that of the Victory Cross Roads, which provides a rider with a wealth of information in one, easy-to-read location. The new instrumentation includes:

  • An analog speedometer, which may be set to show MPH or KPH.
  • Blue backlighting.
  • A large LCD that displays: Clock (time of day is viewable at all times), gear position, tachometer and
    diagnostic readouts for Victory dealership service technicians.
  • The gauge face includes lights such as high-beam and neutral indicators and the oil warning light.
    Cruisers no longer have these indicator lights atop the triple clamps.
  • The Cross Roads instrumentation also has an always-viewable fuel gauge.


  • All brake calipers, rotors, lower belt guards, and floorboards are black.
  • All left- and right-hand switch cubes are black, as are the audio control switch block and cruise
    control switch block.
  • The triple clamp is black on all models except the Vegas Jackpot (which retains its chrome triple),
    and the Victory Cross Roads (which retains its brushed finish).
  • A new side stand on each model features an integrated hooked-end design for easy locating and
    easy control of the side stand.
  • All cruiser exhausts have a larger outlet for improved sound quality and a lower exhaust note.