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Honda V4 Concept Model

Honda V4 Concept Model Honda V4 ConceptHonda V4Honda V4 Concept Model

Three decades ago, Honda chose to develop a motorcycle with a V4 four-stroke engine to mark its historic return to Grand Prix competition and since then, V4 has played a key role within the Honda motorcycle model range both on and off track. 2009 marks 30 years since Honda debuted the NR500 - an innovative and unique machine which featured a V4 engine configuration with pioneering oval pistons, allowing the engine to reach incredible revs. In the 30 years since the NR500, the V4 configuration has been utilised in some of the finest road and race machines that Honda has produced.

On track following the NR500 came the RS1000RW in 1982 – running conventional (round) pistons and fondly known as the water whale; the NR750 in 1987; VFR750R in 1987 – or the iconic RC30 as it is better known; RVF – the legendary RC45 in 1994 and then, the pinnacle of Honda’s V4 technology - the 2008 MotoGP RC212V.

Road followed race with a similarly impressive line-up of mass-market V4 Honda motorcycles, from the original VF750S/F, through to the VF400, VF1000R/F, VF500, VFR400, the legendary VFR750 in 1986, the NR 750cc road bike and finally the ultimate sports-tourer – the VFR800.

The exciting news of the new V4 production model is the result of the overwhelming response from customers, media and motorcycle dealers across Europe following the debut of the V4 Concept Model at the Intermot Show in October 2008. The World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer chose ‘New Beginnings’ as its theme to celebrate Honda’s 60th anniversary as a company, 50th anniversary of racing and 30th anniversary of Honda’s iconic V4 engine configuration.

Building on this theme at the Milan Show in November 2008, Honda highlighted the next stage of the V4 story and looked forward to the next 60 years of motorcycle production, with V4 technology continuing to form part of the marque’s future direction in the coming few years, starting in just 18 months time with the introduction of the first new V4 mass-production model in the first half of 2010.