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2008 Yamaha Motorcycle Range

Yamaha V-Max Concept Yamaha FJR1300A

Yamaha FJR1300ASYamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star

Yamaha XV1900A Midnight StarYamaha XJR1300

Yamaha MT-03Yamaha MT-01

2008 Yamaha R12008 Yamaha R6

Yamaha FZ1Yamaha FZ1 ABS

Yamaha FZ1 FazerYamaha FZ1 Fazer ABS

Yamaha FZ6 S2Yamaha FZ6 S2 ABS

Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 ABS

Yamaha TDM900Yamaha TDM900A

Yamaha XT660RYamaha XT660X

Yamaha XT660Z TenereYamaha TZR50

Yamaha TZR50 Race ReplicaYamaha YZF-R125

Yamaha WR250FYamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250XYamaha WR450F

Yamaha YZ85Yamaha YZ85LW

Yamaha YZ125Yamaha YZ250

Yamaha YZ250FYamaha YZ450F

Yamaha XT125RYamaha XT125X

Yamaha YBR125 CustomYamaha PW50

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Yamaha Majesty 400Yamaha BW Original

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Yamaha BW 12 inchYamaha Neo

Yamaha AeroxYamaha Why

Yamaha VityYamaha TMax

Yamaha SlidenYamaha Giggle

Yamaha Cygnus


In addition to the new motorcycle models being introduced by Yamaha for 2008, the FJR1300A and FJR1300AS feature a number of significant technical changes. And, the FZ-Series gets a new addition to the family, the FZ1 ABS. Details are described below.

Furthermore, many of the current models feature new colour schemes. Please find them listed below. New colours are shown in bold/Italic.

Sport Touring


The FJR1300A and the FJR1300AS are regarded as being two of the most refined, capable and dynamic models in the sport touring class. For 2008 these sophisticated models feature a range of improvements to the engine, chassis and braking systems which enhance their legendary continent-crossing potential, making them the leading choice with serious long-distance riders.

New 3-mode ABS system with linear solenoid valve

In a move which is designed to reduce overall weight and also enhance the feel at the brake lever and pedal, both the FJR1300A and AS models are equipped with a new ABS system for 2008.

The most significant change is that the new system is a 3-mode ABS, compared to the 2-mode design used on the ’07 models. Whereas the 2-mode system is designed to operate in either a pressurised or depressurised mode, the new 3-mode system operates in a pressurised, or pressure holding, or depressurised mode. Or, in simple terms, the ’07 2-mode ABS design operated with the brake fluid pressure being either ‘on’ or ‘off’, while the new 3-mode system has pressure ‘on’ and ‘off’ modes, together an additional ‘pressure holding’ state.

The compact new hydraulic unit in the latest 3-mode system is also controlled by an ECU, and is equipped with a solenoid valve system in place of the ’07 model’s Flow Control valve (FCV) system. The advantages of the new 3-mode ABS are smooth and linear fluid pressure control, and it delivers improved feel at the brake lever and brake pedal while the ABS is activated, and the whole system is smaller and lighter than the previous design.

Reduced unsprung weight

Unsprung weight is reduced by the use of new active wheel sensors featuring a magnetic rotor, compared to the ’07 system which utilised passive sensors with sintered steel rotors. To match these changes to the new ABS sensors and rotors, the front and rear wheel hub design is modified accordingly.

New throttle pulley

For improved driveability and a more accurate and intuitive feel, the 2008 FJR1300A/AS are equipped with a new-shape throttle pulley. Whereas the previous pulley was of a counter-progressive design, the new pulley is a conventional circular type which delivers a linear relationship between throttle input and butterfly valve operation.

Scratch-resistant screen coating and modified mounts

The adjustable screen on both models features a hard new coating which helps to keep the screen in good condition for optimal visibility – and for reduced vibration and to minimise weight, a newly-designed integrated screen mounting system is used for 2008.

New handlebar grips

For better feel and improved comfort, both models are equipped with new handlebar grips that are manufactured from a different rubber compound.

Black instrument panel

The 2008 FJR models both feature a new black-coloured instrument panel cover.

FJR1300AS-specific changes:
Reshaped left-side handlebar switch
For a better feel and improved operability, the left-side handlebar switch on the FJR1300AS has been redesigned, and features a modified hand shift lever for up-shifting, as well as a reshaped passing light switch.

Lighter YCC-S assembly

In addition to the significant weight savings made by the new 3-mode ABS system and the lightweight wheel sensor rotors, the FJR1300AS also benefits from a new control unit on the YCC-S chip-controlled shift system

Please be informed that not all models and/or all colours of the above mentioned models are available in all countries. Please contact the national Yamaha distributor for further information.