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Ducati Classic Range - Feb 4th 2004

    Shane Bryne suffered his first crash on the Aprilia and walked away uninjured, Jeremy McWilliams broke a rib and had to fly home early and Ruben Xaus is lucky to be alive after hitting a tyre wall and being airlifted to hospital. Neil Hodgson suffered with tyre problems and is desparate to get a better service from tyre giant, Michelin. See below the top testing times for the recent test;

  1. Max Biaggi, ITA (Honda RCV) - 1:30.27
  2. Colin Edwards, USA (Honda RCV) - 1:30.45
  3. Sete Gubernau, SPA (Honda RCV) - 1:30.60
  4. Nicky Hayden, USA (Honda RCV) - 1:30.68
  5. Loris Capirossi, ITA (Ducati Desmosedici) - 1:30.71
  6. Velentino Rossi, ITA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 1:30.75
  7. Alex Barros, BRA (Honda RCV) - 1:30.88
  8. Makato Tamada, JPA (Honda RCV) - 1:31.25
  9. Troy Bayliss, AUS (Ducati Desmosedici) - 1:31.56
  10. Ruben Xaus, SPA (Ducati Desmosedici) - 1:31.64
  11. Marco Melandri, ITA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 1:31.71
  12. Carlos Checa, SPA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 1:31.80
  13. Shane Byrne, GBR (Ducati Desmosedici) - 1:32.28
  14. Neil Hodgson, GBR (Ducati Desmosedici) - 1:32.44
  15. Jeremy McWilliams, GBR (Aprilia RS3) - 1:33.40
  16. Norick Abe, JPA (Yamaha YRZ-M1) - 1:33.74
  17. One year on and the congestion in London has been reduced in the favour of motorcyclists, as the following statistics show;

  18. Bike traffic has increased by 20%
  19. Bike sales are up 20%
  20. Bike Casualties are down 15%
  21. Non-bike traffic is down 30%
  22. Traffic speed is up 15%
  23. All collisions are down 20%
  24. Neil Hodgson's testing in Malaysia did not go to plan, the engine on his Ducati seized on the back straight at about 180 mph, fortunately he escaped injury but the task ahead in 2004 looks daunting for the reigning MotoGP champ, Valentino Rossi, current World Superbike Champion, Hodgson and BSB 2003 winner, Shane Bryne. Check out the lap times below;

  25. Nicky Hayden, USA (Honda RCV) - 2:02.04
  26. MaxBiaggi, ITA (Honda RCV) - 2:02.10
  27. Sete Giberbau, SPA (Honda RCV) - 2:02.49
  28. Colin Edwards, USA (Honda RCV) - 2:02.59
  29. Valentino Rossi, ITA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 2:02.74
  30. Makato Tamada. JPA (Honda RCV) - 2:02.96
  31. Carlos Checa, SPA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 2:03.10
  32. Loris Capirossi, ITA (Ducati Desmosedici) - 2:03.53
  33. Alex Barros, BRA (Honda RCV) - 2:03.55
  34. Troy Bayliss, AUS (Ducati Desmosedici) - 2:03.55
  35. Kousuke Akiyoshi, JPA (Suzuki GSV-R) - 2:03.72
  36. Shinichi Itoh, JPA (Honda RCV) - 2:03.93
  37. Shinya Nakano, JPA (Kawasaki ZX-RR) - 2:04.31
  38. Kenny Roberts, USA (Suzuki GSV-R) - 2:04.55
  39. Alex Hofmann, GER (Kawasaki ZX-RR) - 2:04.56
  40. Norick Abe, JPA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 2:04.57
  41. Neil Hodgson, GBR (Ducati Desmosedici) - 2:04.67
  42. Marco Melandri, ITA (Yamaha YZR-M1) - 2:04.75
  43. Gregorio Lavilla, SPA (Suzuki GSV-R) - 2:04.75
  44. Ruben Xaus, SPA (Ducati Desmosedici) - 2:04.92
  45. Shane Byrne, GBR (Aprilia RS3) - 2:05.15
  46. Jeremy McWilliams, GBR (Aprilia RS3) - 2:05.86
  47. Andrew Pitt, AUS (Moriwaki MD211VF) - 2:06.41
  48. Watch this space for news of the MotoGP Philip Island, Australia testing

    Although everyone has their excuses and you cannot read too much in to the lap times, the latest Valencia WSB times are below;

  49. Regis Laconi, FRA (Ducati 999) - 1:35.39
  50. Steve Martin, AUS (Ducati 999) - 1:35.57
  51. James Toseland, GBR (Ducati 999) - 1:36.16
  52. Leon Haslam, GBR (Ducati 999) - 1:36.20
  53. Marco Borciani, ITA (Ducati 999) - 1:36.30
  54. Troy Corser, AUS (Foggy Petronas) - 1:36.31
  55. Noriyuka Haga, JPA (Ducati 999) - 1:36.68
  56. Chris Vermeulen, AUS (Honda Fireblade) - 1:36.91
  57. Sergio Feurtes, SPA (Suzuki GSX-R1000) - 1:37.02
  58. Ivan Clementi, ITA (Kawasaki ZX-10) - 1:37.19
  59. Marco Sabchini, ITA (Kawasaki ZX-10) - 1:37.28
  60. Chris Walker, GBR (Foggy Petronas) - 1:37.28
  61. Pier-Francesco Chili, ITA (Ducati 998) - 1:37.34
  62. Garry McCoy, AUS (Ducati 999) - 1:37.58
  63. Lucio Pedercini, ITA (Ducati 998) - 1:37.67
  64. Gianluca Nannnelli, ITA (Ducati 998) - 1:37.84
  65. Pier Giorgio Bontempi, ITA (Zongshen GSX-R1000) - 1:38.51
  66. Miguek Praia, POR (Ducati 999) - 1:39.03
  67. Alessio Velini, ITA (Yamaha YZF-R1) - 1:39.27
  68. Warwick Nowland, AUS (Zongshen GSX-R1000) - 1:39.30
  69. Ryan Farquhar has been voted Irish motorcyclisy of the year following his wins at the North West 200 and TT podium finishes, seconf was Gordon Crockard. The ceremony was recently held in Belfast, international awards were also presented to Dougie Lampkin and Jeremy McWilliams.

    Following the trajic death ofDaijiro Kato at the start of 2003, the Suzuka owners have began spending millions to win back the MotoGP race in 2005. The safety changes will be focused on the chicane where Kato died and also Alex Baros and Marco Melandri suffered injuries

    The organisers of the Supermoto event at Donington Park have switched the event to be held at Lydden Hill on 28th and 29th February. The decision was taken following weather relared delays in track re-surfacing work and the uncertainty on whether it will be ready in time.

    The test with all World Superbike riders begins today, check out all the times next week;

  70. Steve Martin (AUS) - Ducati 999 - 1:36.2
  71. Leon Haslam (GBR) - Ducati 999 - 1:36.8
  72. Pier Francesco Chili (ITA) - Ducati 999 - 1:36.8
  73. Noriyuka Haga (JPN) - Ducati 999 - 1:37.2
  74. Chris Vermeulen (AUS) - Honda Fireblade - 1:38.3
  75. Mauro Danchini (ITA) - Kawasaki ZX-10R - 1:38.3
  76. Ivan Clementi (ITA) - Kawasaki ZX-10R - 1:38.6
  77. The National Motorcycle Museum has been given the all-clear for its rebuild, following the fire which destroyed their building last year. The Solihull Borough Council has given the green light for the rebuild, the museum will have an extra 13,000 square metres. Owner, Roy Richards has been acquiring motorcycles in preparation for the planned opening in December this year.

    John Hopkins has been injured at a Supercross event in California but his Suzuki team expect him to be fit in time for the Moto GP start. He will miss testing in Malaysia next week but should be available for the trip to Philip Island next month. He has a hairline fracture in both ankles and is recovering from an operation to repair them.

    Britain's Jeremy McWilliams and team mate Shane Byrne have found the testing tough in the run up to the MotoGP season. Byrne and McWilliams have found the power of the Aprilia RS3 unbelievable, after both riders have been away from riding bikes for a month or two. Both have a lot of work to do to adjust to the brutal Aprilia.

    Aprilia has decided not to release a track day ready production bike due to lack of interest and orders.

    Ducati have decided to put its SportClassic range into production following an excellent reaction from Ducati fans. The orders for the Paul Smart 1000, Sport 1000 and GT 1000 can be placed from 1st March but buyers can expect a year to wait for their bike to arrive. The bikes were unveiled at the Birmingam NEC and Tokyo and over 16,000 fans completed the online questionnaire, confirming that the bike should definately be put into production. Designer Pierre Terblanche also has plans to increase the range even further. See the NEC pictures, NEC 2003 pictures.